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EstatePad client management on the iPad

EstatePad is a one-time fee download for the iPad that will help save you time managing your Real Estate business.

We love EstatePad as it automates the simple tasks such as contacting your existing clients, capturing new clients and tailoring to each of your clients needs.

EstatePad automatically connects to Facebook and Twitter allowing you to manage some of your social media marketing while on the go.

EstatePad is there to simplify your client management. We think that’s a good thing!

Realty Promoter Software

Realty Promoter Software

As the saying goes, a carpenter is only as good as his tools. In Real Estate if a tool can save you time and organize your business needs it’s going to save you money. Realty Promoter Software is a company that specializes in building software to make your business run more smoothly. Despite its lack of design flare it is probably the best functioning software on the market.

Realty Promoter maps every part of your business for you and it is very unique in how it does it. You can also customize the software to your needs. They have different modules that you can include to create a system around what you do and pricing starts at just $12/mo.

How does it work?

Realty Promoter runs directly on your computer like normal desktop software. Ensuring that important information is under your control. However, unlike normal desktop software you can access it via a mobile device like a phone. This makes it easy to access your information on the go.

I first came across Realty Promoter Software at the Banff trade show and thought it was a very cool product. It simplifies the day to day administrative tasks and it even integrates with Twitter and Facebook. It’s official we give Realty Promoter Software a big encore.