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StreetText mobile marketing for Real Estate

It’s true,, a SMS mobile marketing platform for Realtors has now added QR Codes and custom keywords.

StreetText is a very useful tool to enable Realtor’s to connect their listing information to their consumer’s cell phones.

StreetText’s tagline is “Tomorrow’s mobile marketing today!” and that is what they are offering. Consumers are rapidly embracing information technology. Asked if StreetText helped with his last listing, Geoff Treadgold, of Royal LePage Kelowna replied, “Absolutely, it was probably the thing that got me the listing, these people were looking for ways to get information out to buyers and this was probably the way to do it.”

We love it, keep up the good work StreetText. social business card social business card

Business interactions are moving online, being found online is important. Creating a social profile is a great way to be found online. It connects all of your links together, indexes on search engines under your name, and is free. There are a few companies out there that are starting to provide social cards, I previously wrote about the Google Profile in the Top 5 Realtor Must Have’s.

What makes unique? It’s a very easy to set up, but most importantly it offers analytics. It shows you how many people are viewing your profile. It’s such a simple idea, but we love it.

Eco-Friendly Real Estate Blog

The dream of a completely paperless world probably isn’t likely to happen. However, doing our part to become greener is a good thing, and besides a greener Realtor can advertise it in their marketing.

So what can you do to become greener? We put together a quick list of products and services that are available today that can help reduce paper and even improve your business.


Green Marketing

Dianna Mandzuk Street Text sign

Save paper by using a paperless flyer sheet like StreetText. By including one of StreetText’s sign toppers on your For Sale Sign, people can text the number and receive a the flyer info directly to their cell phones.

Dianna Mandzuk from Oshawa is using StreetText as you can see in the photo on the left. It is very easy way to help the environment and to promote your listings. It’s a win win.

Listed Green

Listed Green

Have a Green Property you want to advertise? Advertise it on

Listed Green is a complete list of energy efficient homes for sale. An exclusive internet platform for energy efficient green homes and developments worldwide. No advertising. No green washing. All listing content is personally reviewed by ListedGreen staff before posting live, to ascertain the properties have sufficient energy efficient, sustainable components and/or design.

Alternative Auto Fuel

Vincent Ambrose Converting his vehicle to run on straight vegetable oil

This is going Green to the extreme. Realtor Vincent Ambrose converted his vehicle to run on straight vegetable oil. After doing research he discovered that there is 4.5 billion gallons of waste vegetable oil energy every year.

Want to learn more? Visit these great resources.

Every Mon-Fri we talk about cool Real Estate products. This month we talked about a lot of great Real Estate products that we would hate for you to forget about. So here’s to February’s top 5 most useful and most exciting products for Real Estate.

Real Sign

Number 1. RealSign

Right after writing our post about RealSign, it started to get a lot of online buzz. Which we are really excited about. We think this is a very useful product for Realtors.

Using RealSign technologies you can sign contracts on your computer without printing them. It’s a time saving gem.

We give RealSign the Big Encore of the Month!


StreetText Mobile SMS Marketing Solution

Number 2. StreetText

StreetText is leading the market for Canadian Real Estate SMS Mobile Marketing. We think the product is exceptional and the price is unbeatable.

If you can get information about your property to buyers faster, it makes sense that it will sell faster. Using a very clever texting interface, StreetText allows a buyer to text a unique code for each property and receive information on the property direct to their phone.  We wrote about StreetText here.

We give StreetText a Big Encore!


Social Website

Number 3. SocialPilot

We all know that social media is an important part of our marketing campaign. However, it can be confusing where to start.

SocialPilot is a very useful website that offers step by step video tutorials that walk you through basic social media instructions. It is not exclusive to Real Estate, but we think SocialPilot is such a great tool that everyone can use to learn how to build relationships and generate leads using it

We gave it a Big Encore here.



Number 4. HootSuite

HootSuite is a great Twitter management tool. It’s no secret that managing a Twitter account can become a little crazy. Using HootSuite helps organize your Twitter life.

It offers analytics, the ability to watch retweets, @mentions and keywords that you are interested in. If you are serious about building a Twitter account, HootSuite must not be missed.

We wrote about it here in our article about the 5 most useful social media tools this month.


Screenshot of Animoto

Number 5. Animoto

If you want to create video to showcase your properties, to market yourself or create great slideshows, then Animoto is for you. We highly recommend it, use it all the time and think it is a fabulous tool.

We put Animoto in the Top 5 useful products that we discussed this month. You can read about what we said here.



One of the perks of a phone plan expiring is the chance to upgrade our phones. It might not be too bold a statement to say that in some ways a Realtors’ business revolves around their phone. So this article is dedicated to the Realtor’s cell phone, a toast to what’s coming.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Anybody?

If history plays out Apple will be releasing their new iphone around June/July. Each year since 2007 Apple has released their new iPhones around then.

Rumors are swirling around about network changes being made by major communication companies to bring the new iPhone 5 to their networks. We are still not 100% sure what it will look like yet, but given that it’s made by Apple, it will likely be very sexy.

A few features of the iPhone 5 – What make’s it so cool?

Thinner! With shiny glass back piece – 9.3 mm thick.

Face Recognition Security

Face Time (Video Chat) access on 3G AND 4G (available currently but only on 3G)

Custom SMS tones

Custom E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email address

A new, sleeker body design.

OLED screen.

Scratch proof and shatter proof screen

Wireless sync with iTunes

32G (basic) and 64G of memory. You’re sure to never run out.

Extended battery life = 14 hours talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G. Standby 600 hours.

Hi Definition audio.

Messaging indicator light.

True GPS built in.

White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4

A white iPhone? That does sound nice.

The white iPhone 4 is one of the most anticipated iPhones of 2010/2011. Rumors of it began surfacing early last year, but Apple is making us wait until the Spring of 2011.

What’s new?

A front-facing camera

The back sports a microphone

30pin connector for docking

A speaker

The top sports a second microphone for noise cancellation

Sleep/wake button

A headset input

Blackberry 4G (Triton)

Blackberry 4G (Triton)

Blackberry 4G (Triton)

Rather than reinventing the wheel, Blackberry is getting very good at refining it. Blackberry’s have become iconic for the mobile phone industry, much in the way that Porsche is for the automobile industry. Why change the design when you can improve it?

The new Blackberry 4G looks like they have succeeded again. It is expected to be 4 to 8 times faster than 3G speeds. Also, it will include a new Blackberry App’s store right within the phone, no more downloading apps from websites.

It’s rumored to be lighting fast and have a multi-touch navigation that makes it nearly impossible to make the wrong selection.

List of possible features:

Mini Camera on front for Video Chat

High Definition 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera

High Definition Camcorder

High Definition Audio

HD Memory Card

OLED Screen

Multi-Touch Navigation

True GPS


Blackberry App World

Mail Chimp

MailChimp Email Marketing and List manager

By most reports email is still alive and well. And every good Realtor needs a good email manager. What if there was an email manager that could save you money? We present MailChimp, it is probably the best email marketing and email list manager that you have never heard of.

MailChimp allows you to send 12,000 emails per month to a list of 2000 subscribers for free! For most realtors that will work. You can always upgrade to a paid account if you need to send more emails.

MailChimp is a very useful tool that every Realtor needs in their toolbox. We give it an Encore.

There are web applications we enjoy and there are web applications we rely on. For many of us at SEM, Animoto is a video creator that we rely on. It creates amazing high definition video from your photos.

What is it?

Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips, and music. You choose your photos from your computer, you choose your music from a selection that Animoto provides, and then you finalize and voila, a beautiful video is created. For us at Big Encore, we believe that simple is powerful. Animoto has accomplished simple. Its interface is simple, its process is simple, and the final product is excellent.

Who is it for?

Animoto is really for any person interested in creating video from photos. But, Animoto is perfect for Realtors looking to create dynamic and exciting videos of their listings. You can automatically upload them to youtube, share them, email them to friends or put them on facebook. It’s a very cool tool.

We give Animoto a Big Encore!

Real Sign Handwrite Real Signitures on PDFs

Real Sign Handwrite Real Signatures on PDFs

Every Realtor loves the following scenario. The seller finally agrees on a price and you go over to your clients house to tell them the great news and have them sign the contract. Ooops, the buyer now wants to edit a few things on the contract first. She wants the washer included. To make such a little change usually requires having to drive back to the office making the changes, and faxing it off to all parties involved, and then driving back to the clients house. I have good news, fear the contract no longer.

RealSign Technologies, based out of Calgary Alberta Canada, has unveiled the world’s first Realtor contract software that lets you as a Realtor make changes to the contract and sign it, from your laptop. It’s even legal in court.

How does it work?

RealSign uses rasterization. Rasterization is the process of embedding text and images into a document file, so once you have written something on the document, it cannot be removed. It also includes a very simple to use pen tablet that digitally records and rasterizes your signature beside every change you make.

Why we love it?

RealSign is great because it is simple. We believe that it is going to really take off. The time it saves is remarkable, and RealSign has included versioning control, which means when you make a change, it automatically saves the file as a new name, so the original file is always safe and accessible. This is a real winner, we give it a Big Encore.

5. Google Profile

Google Profile

Setting up a Google profile takes 5 minutes. It is rumored that you will be indexed #1 on Google search for your name within an hour of setting up a Google profile.

4. Blog

Wordpress and Blogger

It takes a few hours to create, but you can get started in minutes. Using either WordPress or Blogger is free and easy to set up.

3. Facebook Page

Facebook Page

It’s completely free to set up a FaceBook page. It’s amazing how many stories I have heard from Realtors where their customers have found them on Facebook. Canada is ranked #1 fro Facebook usage worldwide.

2. Real Sign

Real Sign

With RealSign you never need to print documents again. It costs $119 but when you consider the time it will save with your contracts, the price is very affordable.

1. Mobile Marketing

Street Text

Of the 5 must have’s for 2011, nothing stops the heart like StreetText. At the 2011 Western Connection in Banff their booth was a tornado of activity. Make all your listings textable. Buyers receive instant information on the property and you as the Realtor get the buyers contact information. At only $15 per/month it is a very exciting tool that every Realtor must have.