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Besides social media, another great marketing tool that can be utilized by both realtors and mortgage brokers is an email newsletter. Sending out a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly newsletter filled with tips, mortgage rates, schedules of open houses and other pertinent information is an excellent way to keep your clients engaged and updated on your business and the housing market. However, for an email campaign to be successful, it must be done correctly. Here are five tips to get you started:


1) Get people to sign up for it. (This is where crosslinking comes in handy.) There’s no point in creating an email newsletter if you don’t have any one to send it to. This is where your social media sites come in handy. Publicize your newsletter on your Facebook fan page, Tweet about it, put up a blog post, and, most importantly – put a sign up link on the home page of your website. It even helps if you offer your future clients something in exchange for signing up, for example, a short e-book about the home sales process.

2) Make sure that your content is what your clientele is looking for. Since you’re in real estate, chances are, your clients are coming to you for this reason only. If you write about random things on your newsletter that are completely unrelated to the real estate business, it undermines your authority and makes the people on your mailing list wonder why signed up in the first place.

3) Include information in your newsletters that people can’t get anywhere else. One good example of this: if you’re planning an open house, inform the people on your e-newsletter mailing list first, before you publicize it anywhere else. This makes them feel like they’ve received something special in exchange for signing up to receive it. Once they’ve been notified, wait a few days before announcing it on the rest of your social media sites.

4) Don’t neglect the overall design of your e-newsletters. Consider your e-newsletter to be an extension of your website. Stick with a similar color scheme, and don’t make it too busy. It needs to be easily legible and your content should be clearly picked out. A confusing set-up, too many graphics, and un-readable fonts will result in a mess of a newsletter that will just get deleted.

5) Don’t send them too often. The general rule of thumb is to send an email newsletter either weekly or bi-weekly. Depending on your content, you might even be able to get away with sending one monthly. However, you don’t want to overwhelm the people on your mailing list with daily updates. That’s a great way to lose clients and have your newsletter sent straight to their e-trashcan before it’s read. There’s one exception to this: it’s okay to send out a quick update now and then in between your standard newsletters if you have something important to announce, for example, if a local home or hot property has just hit the market and you know that it’ll be of interest to your clients. But this should be a rare occurrence.

DMS Marketing a client retention service

DMS Marketing a client retention service

Client referrals and repeat business is the key to building a long-term successful career as a Realtor. As the majority of our readers are Realtors, you probably already know this.Ā DMS Marketing is a client retention service that builds your business and keeps your clients through Newsletters.

DMS’s focuses on creating direct mail campaigns. Building and developing relationships through repeat mail campaigns work. Recently I received a newsletter from a mortgage broker that I knew from a few years ago. Less than a month later I was having coffee with this mortgage broker chatting about business. It was the newsletter that kept us in contact and inspired me to give him a call.

DMS Marketing promotes itself as being more than just Newsletters. What they mean by this is they believe in providing outstanding service starting with online, user-friendly mailing list maintenance right up to newsletter production and mail out. Their newsletters are very entertaining and readable. You can view some examples of their newsletters on their website. We give this business an Encore.