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Maxwell Realty Awards and Networking Conference 2011

Maxwell Realty Awards and Networking Conference 2011

First off, congratulations to all the Realtors who won awards this year! You are all working very hard and deserve the recognition. I was invited to attend the MaxWell Awards and Networking Conference in Calgary yesterday March 3, and really enjoyed the event. I met with some great companies working hard to provide Realtors with professional products and services.

Over the next few weeks BigEncore will write profiles on the companies and products we were introduced to at the conference that are really impacting the Real Estate market in a positive way.

Michael Vickers

According to Michael Vickers becoming the preferred Realtor is one of the most important parts of your business. And you become preferred by building trust. “Many of your customers are not giving you all their business,” says Michael, to win that business you need to be their preferred agent.

If you want to become the preferred Realtor among your existing clients and gain new ones along the way, Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition is a must read. We give his book an Encore.

Michael Vickers will be speaking at the MaxWell Awards & Networking Conference hosted in Calgary on March 3.

The Banff Western Connection for Real Estate

Banff Western Connection for Real Estate

Welcome to BigEncore, a website that was inspired while attending the Banff Western Connection for Real Estate. It was there that I saw many great new products for Real Estate with a lot of Buzz. StreetText, RealSign, and Realtor Promotor Software were just a few of the booths. Since I will be attending many Real Estate trade shows in the future, I thought it made sense to begin posting reviews of great technologies that I discover. I hope as a Realtor or Real Estate professional, you will find this website useful. If you know of any great products that I have not mentioned please let me know and I will post something about them.