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The official announcement/press conference from Apple is scheduled for 10am tomorrow. There hasn’t been much in the way of “leaks” yet, although it’s expected that official word on the iPhone 5 will be part of that conference. So, here’s a quick round-up of rumors and possible facts that have been flying around about this highly anticipated update:

- Supposedly the new iPhone will go on sale either September 21st or sometime in October. While the October date makes sense, given the fact that the last update was released in October of last year, it wouldn’t surprise me to have them release the phone sooner. Some media outlets are reporting that the phone will go on sale tomorrow, the same day as the press conference. It seems more likely that pre-orders will start tomorrow.

- The price will be the same. Expect to pay between $399 and $199 for the new iPhone 5, unless you want a non-contract phone, in which case, you could pay as much as $700.

- Micro USB plugs are rumored to be on either the sides or the bottom (or both!) of it. This is an upgrade over the standard USB-sized plugs included on previous iPhones.

- It will be 4G LTE, although the “LTE” is trademarked by Samsung, who are already planning a lawsuit over the use of the term.

- One of the more absurd rumors involves the “fact” that the new iPhone will be bendable in order for it to fit into pockets and handbags better. While one of the supposed pictures of it shows a slightly curved phone rather than the flat rectangle of prior models, it’s highly doubtful that it will actually bend.

- Other pictures show a slightly narrower and wider “iPhone” next to it’s predecessor, the iPhone 4S. It’s also supposed to have a two-tone back, unlike previous models that are all the same color.

As to what the new iPhone 5 will actually look like, which features and software it will include, and when it will actually be released, the world will have to wait until the official announcement tomorrow.

Ray H Smith
September 11, 2012

Tick tick hurry up to wait. Will the truth be worth the wait or is that called “news”?

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