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Big Encore QR Code

Big Encore QR Code

The conversation is starting about using QR Codes as a marketing tool for Real Estate. Recently REMonline wrote an article on QR codes as an emerging marketing tool. They came to the conclusion that QR codes are valuable to Real Estate because they get the information to the consumer faster. “Whatever tool you can use to get information in front of a consumer quickly – and this tool does that – will undoubtedly result in more sales,” says Grey.

What are QR codes?

A QR code is a pixel barcode a user scans with their smart phone camera. If they have the QR reader application installed on their mobile phone, they will be redirected to a website immediately after scanning the QR code.

Why use QR codes?

QR codes are used to get information about the property to the buyer faster. Consumers like getting on-demand information and this is a solution.

What is the bad news?

QR codes are a great idea, but not a complete solution yet. Only 30% of Canadian cellphone users have a smart phone, and of those less than that are connected to a data plan. And of those, that do have a data plan, they still need to have the QR reader application installed on their phones. While this technology is growing it still is not a complete solution.

It makes sense to offer a SMS texting solution along with the QR codes to ensure that all cell phone users are able to access the information.

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