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Google + Local has gone through several name changes, but one thing has stayed the same — the websites’ approach to combining both internet marketing and social media. Related to Google’s social media site, aptly named Google +, this site may prove to be a very important piece of your online marketing efforts.

But, as with just about everything, there are a number of pros and cons to Google + Local. Here are a few of them:




- A Google + Local profile is easy to set up, and allows you to enter keywords to bring in your  target audience.

- You can link your business’ profile to your Google AdWords account.

- Your Google + Local profile will automatically come in near the top of a Google search for your specified keywords.

- You can add pictures to your profile in order to promote your listings.

- People can review your business, and you can respond publically to their comments, just like on your Facebook page.


- It can be tricky to set up your account, since Google needs to first mail you a postcard to ensure that your business is A) located where you say it is and B) truly exists. Why do they do this? To eliminate scammers and make sure that every listing is correct.

- Google +, the social media site linked to Google + Local, does not yet have the popularity (and therefore the audience) of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

- The multiple name changes can throw people off. The site was once known as Google Places, Google Local and Google Local Plus, before finally becoming (for now) Google + Local.



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