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Used StreetText to double end a saleFor most Realtor’s right now the title of this blog post sounds like a really nice fairy tale, but doesn’t seem true. But the cool part about this story is that not only is it true, the Realtor had to do almost nothing to make it happen. I will let Dennis tell the story himself.

“I Put up the for sale sign with the StreetText rider on Tuesday afternoon. Got the first call from the Text Rider on Saturday afternoon. They contacted me directly on my cell phone from the contact information which they found on my StreetText Web Site. Showed the property Saturday morning sold it to them on Sunday night. And they were not even looking to buy a house. They thought this was house was in a great location, used the StreetText info for curiosity, got particulars on the property and pics and called me. All done in 48 hrs. and double ended the deal. Not bad for the first time I used a StreetText sign. It works.”

I am posting this article for two reasons. Firstly, I know a lot of Realtors personally who are working very hard right now and are not getting a lot of easy breaks. I hope this will encourage you to continue working as hard as you already are, you never know where a deal might come from. Secondly, I write about a lot of different Real Estate products, most of which are new and untried. They need to know that these products work before investing in them personally. I think that is wise. So I wanted to share this story, it’s about StreetText, a product that I have previously written about here and is obviously working for people.


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