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Real Sign Handwrite Real Signitures on PDFs

Real Sign Handwrite Real Signatures on PDFs

Every Realtor loves the following scenario. The seller finally agrees on a price and you go over to your clients house to tell them the great news and have them sign the contract. Ooops, the buyer now wants to edit a few things on the contract first. She wants the washer included. To make such a little change usually requires having to drive back to the office making the changes, and faxing it off to all parties involved, and then driving back to the clients house. I have good news, fear the contract no longer.

RealSign Technologies, based out of Calgary Alberta Canada, has unveiled the world’s first Realtor contract software that lets you as a Realtor make changes to the contract and sign it, from your laptop. It’s even legal in court.

How does it work?

RealSign uses rasterization. Rasterization is the process of embedding text and images into a document file, so once you have written something on the document, it cannot be removed. It also includes a very simple to use pen tablet that digitally records and rasterizes your signature beside every change you make.

Why we love it?

RealSign is great because it is simple. We believe that it is going to really take off. The time it saves is remarkable, and RealSign has included versioning control, which means when you make a change, it automatically saves the file as a new name, so the original file is always safe and accessible. This is a real winner, we give it a Big Encore.

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