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Every Mon-Fri we talk about cool Real Estate products. This month we talked about a lot of great Real Estate products that we would hate for you to forget about. So here’s to February’s top 5 most useful and most exciting products for Real Estate.

Real Sign

Number 1. RealSign

Right after writing our post about RealSign, it started to get a lot of online buzz. Which we are really excited about. We think this is a very useful product for Realtors.

Using RealSign technologies you can sign contracts on your computer without printing them. It’s a time saving gem.

We give RealSign the Big Encore of the Month!


StreetText Mobile SMS Marketing Solution

Number 2. StreetText

StreetText is leading the market for Canadian Real Estate SMS Mobile Marketing. We think the product is exceptional and the price is unbeatable.

If you can get information about your property to buyers faster, it makes sense that it will sell faster. Using a very clever texting interface, StreetText allows a buyer to text a unique code for each property and receive information on the property direct to their phone.  We wrote about StreetText here.

We give StreetText a Big Encore!


Social Website

Number 3. SocialPilot

We all know that social media is an important part of our marketing campaign. However, it can be confusing where to start.

SocialPilot is a very useful website that offers step by step video tutorials that walk you through basic social media instructions. It is not exclusive to Real Estate, but we think SocialPilot is such a great tool that everyone can use to learn how to build relationships and generate leads using it

We gave it a Big Encore here.



Number 4. HootSuite

HootSuite is a great Twitter management tool. It’s no secret that managing a Twitter account can become a little crazy. Using HootSuite helps organize your Twitter life.

It offers analytics, the ability to watch retweets, @mentions and keywords that you are interested in. If you are serious about building a Twitter account, HootSuite must not be missed.

We wrote about it here in our article about the 5 most useful social media tools this month.


Screenshot of Animoto

Number 5. Animoto

If you want to create video to showcase your properties, to market yourself or create great slideshows, then Animoto is for you. We highly recommend it, use it all the time and think it is a fabulous tool.

We put Animoto in the Top 5 useful products that we discussed this month. You can read about what we said here.



March 1, 2011

I’ve used Animoto and Hootsuite, they are great tools. Thanks for these posts. I am looking into StreetText. I think it will be a great addition to the tools I use.

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