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5. Google Profile

Google Profile

Setting up a Google profile takes 5 minutes. It is rumored that you will be indexed #1 on Google search for your name within an hour of setting up a Google profile.

4. Blog

Wordpress and Blogger

It takes a few hours to create, but you can get started in minutes. Using either WordPress or Blogger is free and easy to set up.

3. Facebook Page

Facebook Page

It’s completely free to set up a FaceBook page. It’s amazing how many stories I have heard from Realtors where their customers have found them on Facebook. Canada is ranked #1 fro Facebook usage worldwide.

2. Real Sign

Real Sign

With RealSign you never need to print documents again. It costs $119 but when you consider the time it will save with your contracts, the price is very affordable.

1. Mobile Marketing

Street Text

Of the 5 must have’s for 2011, nothing stops the heart like StreetText. At the 2011 Western Connection in Banff their booth was a tornado of activity. Make all your listings textable. Buyers receive instant information on the property and you as the Realtor get the buyers contact information. At only $15 per/month it is a very exciting tool that every Realtor must have.

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