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The dream of a completely paperless world probably isn’t likely to happen. However, doing our part to become greener is a good thing, and besides a greener Realtor can advertise it in their marketing.

So what can you do to become greener? We put together a quick list of products and services that are available today that can help reduce paper and even improve your business.


Green Marketing

Dianna Mandzuk Street Text sign

Save paper by using a paperless flyer sheet like StreetText. By including one of StreetText’s sign toppers on your For Sale Sign, people can text the number and receive a the flyer info directly to their cell phones.

Dianna Mandzuk from Oshawa is using StreetText as you can see in the photo on the left. It is very easy way to help the environment and to promote your listings. It’s a win win.

Listed Green

Listed Green

Have a Green Property you want to advertise? Advertise it on

Listed Green is a complete list of energy efficient homes for sale. An exclusive internet platform for energy efficient green homes and developments worldwide. No advertising. No green washing. All listing content is personally reviewed by ListedGreen staff before posting live, to ascertain the properties have sufficient energy efficient, sustainable components and/or design.

Alternative Auto Fuel

Vincent Ambrose Converting his vehicle to run on straight vegetable oil

This is going Green to the extreme. Realtor Vincent Ambrose converted his vehicle to run on straight vegetable oil. After doing research he discovered that there is 4.5 billion gallons of waste vegetable oil energy every year.

Want to learn more? Visit these great resources.

March 16, 2011

Great post on Green Real Estate, we added it to our pro blog roll. Keep up the good work.

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