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DMS Marketing a client retention service

DMS Marketing a client retention service

Client referrals and repeat business is the key to building a long-term successful career as a Realtor. As the majority of our readers are Realtors, you probably already know this.Ā DMS Marketing is a client retention service that builds your business and keeps your clients through Newsletters.

DMS’s focuses on creating direct mail campaigns. Building and developing relationships through repeat mail campaigns work. Recently I received a newsletter from a mortgage broker that I knew from a few years ago. Less than a month later I was having coffee with this mortgage broker chatting about business. It was the newsletter that kept us in contact and inspired me to give him a call.

DMS Marketing promotes itself as being more than just Newsletters. What they mean by this is they believe in providing outstanding service starting with online, user-friendly mailing list maintenance right up to newsletter production and mail out. Their newsletters are very entertaining and readable. You can view some examples of their newsletters on their website. We give this business an Encore.


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