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When most people think of social media and business promotion, the first things that pop into their minds are the usual suspects: Facebook and Twitter; but there are several others, that, if utilized correctly, can work wonders as well. In fact, these popular apps are used every day for personal reasons, and you probably never thought about adding them to your social media business promotion arsenal. Here are three apps and several ways in which you can use them to promote your real estate or mortgage brokerage business:

1) Flickr – Flickr is a great site for uploading photographs. You can group your pictures into sets and collections in order to organize all of your pictures, whether they are of houses that you are selling or those that you’ve just helped someone purchase. You can organize your sets to include pictures of houses that you are selling, and then distribute those links through your Twitter and Facebook profiles, making it easier for potential buyers to check out all of the pertinent details.



2) Meetup – Create a Meetup group for your clients and invite them all to it. That way, when you have a sales listing to promote, you can let many people know about it at once. This is also a great way to promote open houses and other functions. If you run a mortgage brokerage, you can create a real estate investors group on Meetup and use it to plan investing seminars and information sessions. The possibilities are endless once you get your clients together in one online group.



3) FourSquare – You’ve probably seen the updates on Facebook and Twitter stating that “so and so has checked into the gym or post office,” but have you considered using FourSquare to your own advantage? You can have people “checking in” to your open houses or your office — and the best part is that as soon as they do, their followers will see it, thus spreading the word about your business quickly and easily. Creating a FourSquare profile for your business is fairly easy, and you’ll see just how useful it can be.


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