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Street Text sign topper for Real Estate

What if your sign topper advertised your listing, attracted buyers and gained you more listings? And what if that same magical sign topper came from the same company that launched HousePal, a collection of local Open House websites. BigEncore explains how.

Marketing your Real Estate listing has moved beyond filling signposts with feature sheets. It’s gravitating towards mobile marketing, a texting solution, that not only provides the home buyer with the information they need, it also provides the Realtor with the buyers phone number.

Want to know more? It’s called StreetText and it’s exciting. StreetText provides realtors with Sign Toppers that are connected to a texting solution. The home buyer then texts the property code on the sign topper to Street Text’s national number and instantly receives all the basic property information including the Realtor’s phone number. Not only that, but the Realtor, instantly receives the texter’s phone number too.

In testing the product we found the texting solution, which retails for $15 per Realtor for unlimited listings, to be surprisingly effective. The sign topper is very readable and the pointed corner makes it instantly recognizable.

Art, one of the co-founders of the product, noted that the R&D time took about 12 months before coming out with the product. “We wanted to make sure that we were coming into the market with the right product at the right time. We did lots of user group testing and the feedback has just been excellent. We knew [mobile marketing] was an emerging market.”

The most important aspect of this product is that home-buyers are demanding solutions like this more and more. They are becoming accustomed to on-demand information, the faster a Realtor can make this possible for the home buyer, the better. They want to be able to stand in front of a house, look at the information, look at the price, look at the photos of the inside before going inside and now they can.