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Dave Elfassy

Dave Elfassy

Within two years Dave Elfassy is in the top one percent of Ontario real estate salespeople. How did he do it?

In a recent interview with REM Elfassy spoke about his fast rise to success. Right from the start he hit the gates running, joining with Right at Home Realty, a smaller player at the time, which is today one of the fastest growing  brokerages in Toronto. He wasn’t interested in Real Estate as a side project. He has auditioned and appeared in both a local television show about marketing conditions, and on the hit HGTV show, Agent versus Agent.

That initial exposure was great for Dave’s career. In an interview with REM Elfassy gave 6 tips for new and struggling Realtors. Here they are.

1. Hire a coach and go to training seminars.

2. Pursue every possible lead. “Do open houses for other agents. Cold Call. Call FSBOs and expired listings.” And work with renters.

3. Invest in a good website, in good search engine optimization, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

4. Don’t waste time with time wasters. Find out if the buyer is qualified to buy. “I wish I could take back all the time I invested with people who weren’t qualified to buy,” says Elfassy.

5. Join a networking group. You can find these on sites like

6. Be persistent and have fun.

Dave is a focused individual he has worked hard for his goals. The main point is that Dave’s sales success and his 6 steps are achievable by you. I hope you enjoyed this featured article and were inspired by it. If you enjoyed this please let me know and I will do more features like this.