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EstateVue describes itself as “the best Real Estate Marketing Platform on Earth”. That is a big statement, it better live up to the test.

What is it?

EstateVue is a Real Estate website solution. It provides Realtors with websites and advertises some great features such as drag-and-drop design components.

The good?

EstateVue has some nice templates and provides attractive websites for Realtors looking to stand-out. It also connects to some of the Real Estate boards providing syndication to your mls listings.

The Bad?

EstateVue had some support issues when it started. Hopefully those are mostly resolved. It relies heavily on flash for its design components. Flash is a great looking addition for websites, however it is not indexed by Search Engines, and it does not work on mobile browsers or the iPad. Which is really bad for Search Engine Optimization.


If you want a sleek looking website and are willing to sacrifice some SEO advantages and usability, then this is a good site solution for you.