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Google Voice

Make free phone calls using Google voice

Realtors here’s a quick tip. As a Realtor, you already know how many phone calls you make every day. Now, when you are near your phone or laptop  you can make phone calls for free using Gmail. It’s called Google Voice, and you can access it from within your Gmail account. Using Gmail you can make local and long-distance phone calls for free.

Using Google Voice you can even set up voice mail, which you can then access from either the phone or the web. One of the best parts of Google Voice is that it saves your voice mail for as long as you want.

Getting Started

After logging into your Gmail account click on the link “Call Phone” on the left menu bar. It’s very quick to set up and use to make free phone calls across the United States and Canada. It’s a win-win. We give Google Voice a big encore.