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If keeping up with your social media accounts has left you completely overwhelmed, then it’s time to try a social media program/app that allows you to combine all of them into one simple to use platform. Although there are several programs that handle this, one of the most popular by far is HootSuite.

There are three different levels of HootSuite memberships, with the cheapest being free and the most expensive being the Enterprise level. In between the two is the $9.99 a month Pro level. The difference lies in the number of social media accounts that can be utilized and the amount of users and extras. A free level membership lets you link 5 social media accounts and 2 RSS feeds, while the next level up (Pro) gives you access for two users, unlimited social media accounts, an enhanced analytics report and several other goodies.

Some of the many social media accounts that can be linked together in HootSuite include the ever-popular Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress, although the entire list runs into the dozens. Even Instagram, YouTube, FourSquare, Tumblr and Constant Contacts can be added to your HootSuite dashboard.

On top of all of this, HootSuite has a number of cell phone apps that can be downloaded in order for you to share updates on the go. You can have HootSuite on your office and home computers, your cell phone, iPad and more. Here’s the full list:


HootSuite Web App
HootSuite iPhone
HootSuite iPad
HootSuite Android
HootSuite BlackBerry
HootSuite App Directory
HootSuite Archives
(Formerly TwapperKeeper)
(Formerly TwitterBar)


When you combine all of these options with the extreme handiness of being able to update both your Facebook page and your Twitter account at the same time, how can you resist?


1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot Free Social Media Training Videos

Social Pilot is a great free social media marketing tool. On Social Pilot you can watch free videos on the basics of what to do online to build your Social Media campaign. You can search videos by categories like “trust building” or search by platform like “Facebook”. If you are just learning how to use Social Media, or even are an expert in it, then SocialPilot is the place for you.

It’s free and it’s a great resource.

2. HootSuite


Do you use Twitter? If you answer yes, then make sure you sign up for HootSuite. HootSuite is free and is a great twitter management tool. You can track keywords and @mentions easily using HootSuite. We think HootSuite is the missing link to Twitter.

3. Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts lets you monitor the web for interesting and useful information on the web. You can even monitor what people are saying about you. This is a great tool for keeping track of your what your community is saying online and your brand image.

4. WordPress / Blogger


We know blogging is not a new idea, but we are constantly surprised by how many Realtors have not set up a blog. If you are serious about social media and you want to see result, setting up a blog is a great first step. Using either WordPress or Blogger is completely free and very easy to set up.

5. Google Links

Google Links

Google Links is one of the coolest tricks you can do on a Google search and it is very useful to Social Media. Using Google links you can search all the websites that are linking back to your website. If there are any links you can always thank the person who added the link or link back. It’s a great tool to see who is interested in what you are doing.

Type in the Google Search bar to see any results.