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Online videos are the key to adding on your customer base and watching your number of sales (or loans) go up. People want to know everything about a house before they set foot in it for the very first time, and they also want to know more about you before making that first phone call. While you can place videos on your website and your YouTube account, as well as cross-link them amongst all of your other social media accounts, there is another platform available that many people have not heard of — WellcomeMat.



WellcomeMat specializes in real estate videos, and having an account allows you to not only upload videos, but also place them on your website and social media accounts. It can also connect you with professional videographers in your area, just in case you feel like your video-making skills aren’t good enough, or if you simply don’t have the time to film every house that you have for sale yourself.

Part of WellcomeMat functions like a social media account. You have an online profile to fill out, and can connect with other professionals. You will be given your own “channel” similar to YouTube, and will be assigned a point value, based on how many videos you have uploaded and the traffic coming in to them. WellcomeMat also submits your videos to search engines, and is compatible with all MLS requirements.

The only downfall to WellcomeMat is the price. A 30-day Pro Membership is free, but after that, there is a charge to use the service.

There are web applications we enjoy and there are web applications we rely on. For many of us at SEM, Animoto is a video creator that we rely on. It creates amazing high definition video from your photos.

What is it?

Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips, and music. You choose your photos from your computer, you choose your music from a selection that Animoto provides, and then you finalize and voila, a beautiful video is created. For us at Big Encore, we believe that simple is powerful. Animoto has accomplished simple. Its interface is simple, its process is simple, and the final product is excellent.

Who is it for?

Animoto is really for any person interested in creating video from photos. But, Animoto is perfect for Realtors looking to create dynamic and exciting videos of their listings. You can automatically upload them to youtube, share them, email them to friends or put them on facebook. It’s a very cool tool.

We give Animoto a Big Encore!