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RealtyNinja website builder for Realtors

The selection for Realtor Websites just got bigger. Welcome RealtyNinja.

What is it?

RealtyNinja is a poweful pay-as-you-go Real Estate website service.

The good?

RealtyNinja is focused on building the best system possible, and it shows. Their website usability and design is very good. With a higher price point and level of quality, their sites cater to the higher end Real Estate market. They have a background in building custom Real Estate websites for the past 10 years, and the same level of detail to design in custom designs is found in RealtyNinja.

The bad?

There is no introductory pricing level, which may turn some Real Estate agents away.


We think that RealtyNinja is a welcome introduction to solving a big need. “A website is not a luxury item for an agent, it is a primary selling tool”, says Casimir Loeber of RealtyNinja, and RealtyNinja aims to ensure that they provide  their users with the best selling tools possible.

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