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Are you phased out? As more and more of the world gets hooked up the web, old fashioned things like paper business cards are getting phased out. After all, who saves paper business cards anymore? All that you need is to save that person’s contact information into your phone or online database, and that can be accomplished quickly and easily without a tiny piece of cardboard with their info printed on it. On top of that, physical business cards cost money, and may not have enough space to hold all of your pertinent information.

This is where comes in: to make the transition from old-school paper cards  to virtual ones easier to manage.  This site is not only a virtual business card where real estate agents or mortgage brokers can list their office address and phone number, email address, cell phone number, Skype username, instant messenger handles and other pertinent contact info – it also acts as a hub where you can link to your website, update your sales listings, and point colleagues and clients to your other social media sites.


Get updated – all at once.  Another thing that does, once you have your profile completed and all of your information listed – is send out updates to all of your social media sites. Rather than having to log into Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to update your status, you can enter it into your profile and the website will send out the updates for you. On top of this, you can choose your own profile name on the site, so you can tell the people that you meet to find you on You can even add the RSS feed from your blog, and set your own background and profile picture on your Follr page. Think of it as social networking made simple.

Sure, you could still use old-school business cards if you really want to, but why not go the extra step and move into the 21st century with a virtual version instead?


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