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There are a number of things that clients would like to see on a realtor’s website, including pictures of properties, information about the area and a handy mortgage calculator. While most of these things are fairly easy to set up, some require a little help from a website design service. However, you can do some them yourself with the widgets and tools available on the Trulia Business Solutions website.

On top of being a place where you can add your listings to publicize them further and to help them sell, the Trulia site also offers free website add-ons. All that you need to do is customize their widgets, then copy and place the code onto your site. Here are a few of the widgets that they offer:

Mortgage Calculator: This is pretty straightforward, your client enters the cost of the home that they are looking at, along with other pertinent information, and the calculator tells them what their projected monthly mortgage will be.

Market Trends Chart: Wondering how much the average home listing price is in your area? This chart will tell you and your clients, after adding it your website.

Map: The map shows all of your listings in a particular area, not all of the ones listed on Trulia, so it narrows down the search quite a bit.

Search Box: The only potential downfall to the search box is that it searches all of the homes in a given area that are listed on the Trulia website, not just the ones that you’re representing for sale. However, the clients searching it are already on your website, so they will more than likely contact you once they find one that they like.

Carousel: The carousel is kind of like the search box, only the listings come with photos and other pertinent information attached, so it’s more visual than the standard “text only” search.

While you should go somewhat easy on the widgets and not place them all on the same page of your website, integrating a good number of them not only makes your website (and you) look more professional, but it gives your potential clients a chance to see what is for sale in the area.

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