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Your company’s website needs to be both well-designed and eye-catching in order to draw in the attention of potential clients. However, you cannot overlook the fact that it also needs to contain the information that home buyers and sellers are looking for. All of the beautiful graphics and expensive (not to mention complicated) design in the world won’t help your business grow if clients find your site hard to navigate and lacking basic information.

Here are the things that clients want to see on the first page of your site:

- Your contact information. How can they reach you? Your office and cell phone numbers, fax number and email address should be clearly listed. Don’t forget to include your office address and hours.

- Links to the properties for sale that you’re representing, as well as links to those in area that you aren’t. All of these links should be well-organized and labeled in a straightforward manner so that they can be easily found. Once they’re clicked on, pictures and a video of the property should be available, as well as the home’s address, square footage, average property tax amount and all of the basics.

- Success stories. Go beyond the average “I sold this home for this person” or “I found this one for this family” stories and break them down into case studies. Include how long it took to sell or find this particular house and a little background information on the person or people selling/buying it. Not only does this show potential clients what they may have to go through, but it provides an example of the whole process.

- Mortgage rates. Include a small box on the main page with basic rates from some of the most popular local banks. A calculator to show what payments would be at “this amount,” with “that amount down,” and at “this rate” are also helpful. Once a buyer knows what is in his or her budget, they can begin looking at the houses listed for sale on your site.

- Links to your social media accounts and your blog. Keep these small, but visible, and in a part of the page that gets a lot of traffic – for example, right beside or underneath your contact info.

- A picture of yourself. This way potential clients know who they will be working with. Make sure that you look friendly and approachable in your photo.

All of this may seem common sense and really simple — and that’s exactly the point. People want to see a nice, simple site with the information clearly displayed, not a complicated one covered in blinking graphics that hide this basic information. Make your site as approachable as you are. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


September 6, 2012

Great article! Although the ideas you express are not difficult to comprehend, sometimes you overlook the obvious!

October 13, 2014

Thanks for sharing. I would say consumers are interested to find a good and easy to use website allowing them to search homes for sale quickly.

June 30, 2015

Hi James, I would agree with that. Thanks for the comment.

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